Aerial Photography

The Blackwater River from past to present

The first chart in this section is the Key to all aerial photgraphs donated by the Badad Waterfronts Florida Partnership 501c3 non-profit.

Escribano Point 

Fundy Bayou with Escribano Point in the background

Facing south with Catfish Basin to the left and Escribano Point in the background

Catfish Basin facing northward

 Robinson Point facing south toward Escribano Point (left) and Garcon Point (right)

 South Blackwater Bay with Bane's Canal in the foreground

Bay Point with the entrance to the Yellow River

 Bay Point in the foreground with Peterson Point in the back

Oakland Basin with the I-10 bridge and Bay Point downriver

Dutchman's Cut which is a shallow path one can take to quickly enter Oakland Basin from Blackwater River's  channel

The Tampa Landing (a.k.a.  Oyster Pile boat ramp) on the Blackwater River with Oakland Basin in the background

Russell Harber Landing near Milton, Florida

Marquis Basin and boat ramp north of Russell Harber Landing on the Blackwater River